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Rhythm’s on the Rio Dog policy

Rhythms on the Rio is proud to be one of the only music festivals in the state, that allows you to bring your dog. Through many years of trial and error, as well as comments from festival goers, we have adjusted our dog policies for the festival this year. With these changes in place, we hope to have another incident free festival, and hope to be able to welcome your dogs in the future.

As in prior years, NO DOGS are allowed in the actual festival area. The parking lot is close, so you can go out to your car easily, to walk and water your dogs. There are many places near by where you can take your dogs to the river.

Dogs are allowed in the campground only to people that have paid for a camp spot. While in the campground, dogs MUST BE ON A LEASH, or otherwise contained. We can no longer allow dogs to run at large in the campground. Dogs that are a nuisance, perpetually barking, or running loose, will be asked to leave the campground area immediately.

No one knows your dog like you do, so we ask that you use your best judgment when bringing your dog to our festival. We love to have you, and know that it is difficult to come to festivals when you have to make special arrangements for your dogs. That said, If you have a dog that is not socially well adjusted, or suffers from separation anxiety, it might be best if you leave it at home. Unhappy dogs make us all unhappy. We are doing everything possible to continue to allow dogs at our festival, but be advised that one bad apple can spoil everything for everyone.

Please pick up after your dogs, as we leave these grounds just as we found them.